– Yen from the factory text:

“This one of my client from Tacoma T2 grow facility! He win the “dope cup” last Saturday!!
He is one use our 600W SunDisk get the testing results CBD 20% Higher than 1000W HPS”
Here it is First Place winner on Best In-Door Grown Indica Dominant Flower. And another first place on CBD Extract Live Resin.

– Rick Mock, Strain: Fire and Ice from CSI Humbolt Genetics

I fully endorse your lights. I feel that in MANY ways they are superior to MH and HPS.
I will be producing a YouTube video for you now that my research is complete. Congratulations.
You have the best lights on the market!
All this is from one plant. the plant was 2” tall when flowered. It was harvested 9 weeks after
flowering! There were environmental heat isses or the plant would have been even better.
Posting SM updates on Linkedin and Instagram soon.

– Adrian Everett – Shay’s Roots

I’m excited, more excited than I have been for a light so far. So far penetration seems greater than the viparspectra, despite the sun disk
being 18″ higher. This stuff you guys are doing is cutting edge, very excited to be working with you. Shared this to two of my grow groups already.
I can mount that thing almost flush with the tent roof. I dropped it 10″ or so, but the clearance is awesome.
That’s awesome. My sweet tooth is getting heavy! The veg lights have some serious growth too.
– Northern lights under the Sulis 400W 54” tall
I just weighed my first plant flowered under the sundisk. It was 1 of 4 in a4x4, it’s bone dry and weighs 157 grams!
– 50% more than viparspectra so farSundisk 600W
– 619 grams total.
– That’s 1 gram a watt.

– Alex Villeneuve | Founder Ceres Solutions Ltd.
Moonlight Mushroom Led Grow Light

“Since incorporating Switch Grow Solutions’ 465nm LED lights into my oyster mushroom fruiting
chamber I have noticed a significant improvement in crop yields, mushroom quality as well as more
attractive level of cap pigmentation. These lights are ideal for mushrooms farms as they are water and
humidity proof, do not require a converter and can easily be cleaned.
In my operation, Switch Grow lights have proven to be more energy efficient and have helped me
produce higher quality mushrooms than standard compact florescent lights. I am very impressed with
the performance of their LED product and would recommend it to anyone cultivating mushrooms, from
hobby to commercial scale.”

All the best.

Alex Villeneuve | Founder
Ceres Solutions Ltd.