The fast-pace team here at Switch Grow Solutions came together to focus our hearts and passions towards the common goal of providing a platform to introduce highly advanced horticulture grow lighting solutions for the emerging large scale indoor Cannabis production market, and the indoor Vertical Farming, Aquaponics and Greenhouse facilities in North America.

We believe in conducting our own extensive products testing before endorsing any lighting product, and have been doing so since 2013.  We have finalized our extensive product line in 2018 after much research.  We will now endeavor to use this line of products to effectively assist a vast number of people to live a healthier life, be more self-sufficient, grow better food and medicine locally, and save energy.

We recognize the importance of moving towards a locally grown food supply using the latest emerging technologies only recently coming on-line which now have reached the efficiency and cost requirements to be viable.  We plan to expand our solutions-based model to more areas of global concern such as water, air, power-systems and health to name a few.