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Switch Grow Solutions recognize the importance of clean, structured and vital water for your grow facility in order to more efficiently transport oxygen, nutrients and vitality to your plants.

A typical water activation system produces a 30% increase in yield with bigger, healthier and stronger plants.

We are currently testing several systems to find if a combination of complimentary systems will further increase efficiency and yield.

There is a vast amount of research done in this field beginning in the early 1920’s with the work of Viktor Schauberger and others continuing his work including the work done by Masaru Emoto in Japan.

Water is an excellent solvent and carries both physical matter as well as the field emitted by this physical matter including other more subtle fields the water has been exposed to on its journey to us.

Cleaning water through filters, reverse osmosis and UV clears physical pollutants but leaves the memory of fields causing consistent damage. Water carries a life-force that is vital to people and plants and when subject to pressure, straight pipes and 90 degree angles effectively squeezes the vitality out of the water and compresses it making its ability to be a carrier and solvent drastically reduced.

Water can easily be de-compressed and re-structured with simple methods offered by Switch Grow Solutions. We will soon have more products available to help your water do and be at its peak and optimal state. Stay tuned!