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SWITCH GROW SOLUTIONS have partnered with ECHELON AGROTECH SOLUTIONS in a joint venture to develop and bring cutting edge fully automated grow solutions to your facility.

With a deep experience in automation, technology and solutions we are developing may parallel solutions that will soon come to market to ensure full control of a facility, data collection, following a seed all the way to finished product and further developing methods of extracting and refining medical plants to provide and ensure only the highest quality products leave our facilities and are tracked.

We also can provide medical data collection and making sure a patient gets the same quality medicine every time. We are working closely with several laboratories, universities and hospitals to prove the solutions needed in our industry.

On the tech side we are developing and bringing to market many exotic technologies such as independent energy solutions, proprietary extraction methods, filter-less water/ liquid filters capable of sterilizing any liquid and blending liquids permanently that were thought of being un-blendable such as oil and water.

Further in development we are bringing to market clean waste-to-energy solutions that can process all of your wastes very efficiently without any pollution and creating electricity, hot water and Biochar as by-products.

Plant bio-feedback systems have been developed by Dr. Erico Mattos that we are in the process of refining and expanding on. Such systems ensure the plants only get the light they need at any given time.

Effectively measuring photosynthesis in real time giving our grow-lights feedback whether to dim or increase the brightness is step one of this technology. This has been successfully accomplished and now we are looking to greatly expand on this technology by allowing a plant to control the entire light-spectrum and other factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and other factors. The initial power savings alone in step one was 88%.

The latest in big/mite/mold and odor control/mitigation is also a highly prioritized research under our umbrella and we will soon be able to offer non-toxic, safe and efficient technologies for mitigating a range of airborne problems. Cataloguing the resonant frequency of common pathogens and eliminating them the same way is an available technology now being tweaked and optimized for grow-room use.

Say goodbye to pesticides, time-consuming mite removal and spraying. There are better technologies and methods for doing this work that will not affect people or plants negatively in any way. Rather the opposite!

We are developing some highly exotic proprietary technologies to promote growth, health, yield that we are field testing to ensure compatibility and success for any condition.

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