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Switch Grow Solutions is working closely with developers to bring intelligent lighting systems to the marketplace. We are currently focusing on 3 distinctly different systems to program a plants’ lighting needs throughout its grow-cycle and in doing so we have full control over how a plant expresses itself from seed to post-harvest.

We now have the ability to match the intensity and chroma of any commercially available lighting system in one light by being able to fully adjust individual color spectrums, program them and design recipes for a variety of lights and a variety of plants.

Knowing what kind of light a plant needs and what kind of spectrum we can use to alter and move a plant to any desired stage and expression is now a viable technology in use by us and coming to market this fall.

Our team is now designing a complete closed-loop plant bio-feedback system that will work in conjunction with our range of intelligent lighting systems to further enhance efficiencies saving up to 88% power while keeping the yield at a consistent level.

ETA on initial system: September 2017