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Growstar GS300 LED

GS-300 LED Grow Light

• High power branded 5W Epileds with High Par Value
• 90°Secondary LED focusing lens
• Veg and Bloom Switch
• Including Special spectrum like IR(infrared) increasing the yield
• Best Fans, Quilt, anti-noise
• 9 band full spectrum
• Zener, protect the light keep working if there’s one LED out of work
• Energy saving, environmental friendly

Why GS-300 ?
• Real 5w Epileds LED chips, we choose 42mil, 45mil LED diodes. High lumen, High Penetration
• 2 Switches to control Bloom and Veg Switches, best quality which can resist 5A currents, UL standard
• Adopting isolated power supply, Safe&Easy to maintain&long lifetime
• IR and UV LED involved, IR and UV not as bright as other LEDs, but promote the yield
• Uniform color blending, better plant growth
• Aluminium heat heat-conducting, plate+high quallity brand fans, efficient heat dissipation
• The heatsink board with FINS not Flat, Better cooling effect
• Switches can resist 5A currents, CE approved
• Armor-plated glass, Not regular glass