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Growstar GS1000 LED (Veg & Bloom Switch)

GS-1000 LED Grow Light
Full Spectrum LED with UV and IR

• 1000W equivalent PAR light output with only 410W power consumption*
• UL Certified energy savings and environmentally friendly operation
• High power 5W EPI LEDs chips for maximum PAR output values
• Chips inset in secondary LED focusing lenses for 90° dispersion angle
• Vegetation & Bloom switches for optimal root growth and flowering
• 9 Band full-spectrum with IR (infrared) to promote maximum yield
• Ultra-quiet, high flow rate cooling fans for none intrusive operation
• Zener Diode protection maintain operation should individual LEDs fail

Why Choose GS1000W LED:

• SwitchGrow always uses genuine 5 watt EPILED chips, not cheap knock-offs
• SwitchGrow utilizes 42 & 45 mil diodes for maximum lumen and PAR output
• Two UL Standard 5A rated switches to individually control Veg and Bloom
• Isolated power supply for maximum safety, lifespan and ease of maintenance
• Full-Spectrum PAR output with IR & UV chips
• Pure aluminum heat-sinks with vertical fins coupled with high quality silent fans maximize cooling efficiency and ensure long operational lifespan of LED chips
• Armour plated glass is impact resistant therefore will never fade or discolor

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