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ALDgreen Max Yield 600

ALDgreen Max Yield 600
Spectrum Control Led

The MAX Yield 600 is a full spectrum LED grow light designed to replace 600w double ended bulbs (both HPS and MH). With exceptional efficiency and the highest PPF per watt output, this is the greatest yielding LED grow light in the industry. In collaboration with Oxford University and California State University, the MAX Yield 600 has been bioengineered to out perform HPS/MH and all LED competitors from germination
to flower by creating a highly tuned, unique spectrum. Against traditional HPS and MH lamps, our industry leading LED technology will significantly increase yields while deceasing water and electricity consumption by 60% and 75% respectively.

Optics: Light output is controlled by patented optics that spread light in an even distribution pattern for uniform growth. In partnership with MAX Yield 600
Smart Cooling: Patented design utilizes passive thermal management. No fans or moving parts are required, resulting in an increased lifespan and zero maintenance. Designed and manufactured in Carmel, California
Housing: Extruded aluminum is used in conjunction with advanced thermal carbon materials to withstand extreme conditions. Water resistant rated to IP67. LED Horticultural Lights
Software: With downloadable software, users can easily customize the light spectrum and circadian rhythms for an optimized recipe unique to each strain.

ALDgreen – Wavelengths & Grow Cycle .pdf
ALDgreen Growlight Expected Performance Numbers.pdf