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Switch Grow Solutions have partnered with major players in the alternative power arena to be able to accommodate any power requirements a facility may have using non-polluting technologies capable of running 24/7 for several decades with a bare minimum of maintenance and never requiring any fuel input.

Many new solutions are coming to market to provide the alternatives our planet needs and we are proud to promote such technology for the first time in recent history (since Nikola Tesla).

The Future of Energy

The energy solution that the earth has been waiting for: zero-emissions, high-efficiency, and accessible energy production through forward-thinking engineering.

Green Energy

Emits zero harmful radiation or emissions, and has low vibration with no noise disturbance.

Cost Effective

More cost-effective per kWh than all other (conventional and alternative) sources of energy.

Easy to Maintain

Routine maintenance ensures efficient power generation with no down-time.

How our innovative energy technology beats common alternatives…(Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear).


Upon purchasing, a maintenance contract will be tailored specific to your requirements.