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Our experienced team offers complete GROW CONSULTING for any size grow facility with over 45 years of experience in the field we feel confident that we have a lot of experience to offer to our clients at any stage.

We do continuous research in collaboration with several universities and colleges as well as several labs where we jointly move forward being the leading edge of technology, methods and bio-mimicry to ensure our clients have the best possible methods for their grow facility.

Despite being very knowledgeable and experienced in standard growing methods and procedures, our team has discovered a range of improvements leading to the writing of specific recipes for a variety of plants where we know exactly what a plant needs at any stage of its growth cycle.

There is a window of opportunity opening up with this knowledge that leaves a lot of the guessing work out of the picture as well as the constant worry of crop failures. Switch Grow Solutions are confident in our methods and procedures to the point that we can successfully lead a grower to success and profits.

Give us a call to find out more and let us help you with our solutions and experience!